Breastfeeding: The Soundtrack

The first couple of weeks can be frustrating and painful when it comes to breastfeeding…especially for a new mom. I constantly joke with my husband that he should have started sucking on my nipples months ago to help prepare them for such a thing. In times of niplash, fatigue and ultimately wanting to give up, you might find yourself asking if it’s worth it…will your boobs survive…will you ever be able to take a shower again without wanting to die from the water pelting your raw, sore nipples.

Though I’ve only been playing the part of the dairy wagon for a short amount of time, I’ve had my fair share of complications and incidents that I’m sure many other mamas have experienced. From trying to get the perfect latch, to feeding on one side and leaking like Niagara Falls from the other – breastfeeding is an adventure in and of itself. Who knew?

On a side note: You might find that breastfeeding isn’t the best route for you & your babe, and I want to make it clear that that is perfectly and beautifully OKAY. The world will continue to turn and you will continue to be the greatest of mama bears.

One night when I was awoken for the feast of the teat, I sat there with all of these songs stuck in my head. Since my child likes to separate her coursed meals with naps, I had some time to kill and believe it or not…I found myself pretty inspired.

I’d like to introduce you to my 2:30 a.m. brainchild: Breastfeeding: The Soundtrack. It’s still in the very premature stages in development, but I think I’m on to something really great! I’ve meticulously reworked the lyrics of popular, hit songs to reflect the struggles and triumphs of nursing…but mostly the struggles because why not. Just like with pregnancy, unless you embrace these battles and turn them into something positive, it might turn out to be a completely miserable experience; and that’s not fun. Try to enjoy and find the good in it all – the leaking, sore nipples and engorged boobs…even if that means reworking lyrics to rap about boobs.

From the classic harmonies of the Backstreet Boys to the sassy melodies of Beyoncé, this album has a lil somethin’ for all the mamas to enjoy while nursing in the wee hours of the night while you stare at your husband and his useless nipples. I don’t want to give it all away, but wanted to share some snippets of a few songs.

Nip Tip: I’ve found it helps to Youtube karaoke versions of the original songs if you’d like to try to sing along.


Quit Playin’ Games (With My Nips)

Baby, oh

Even in your eyes, I see

You’re not bein’ real with me

Deep within my teats I feel

My boobs aren’t what they used to be


Sometimes I wish I could turn back time

To when I didn’t need nipple cream

And I wish I could so bad, baby

Quit playin’ games with my nips


Quit playin’ games with my nips

Let’s just stop and restart (my nips)

Quit playin’ games with my nips

The latch was wrong from the start

You know you got to stop (from my nips)

Feels like you’re tearing them apart (my nips)

Quit playin’ games with my nips


Nipples (Latch On It)

Image result for Pony ride it gif ginuwine

You’re hungry let’s do this, latch it, my nipple

My bosom’s waiting, come and latch on it

Let’s do it, latch on it


I’m a new mama

Who aint lookin’ for no drama

Always trying to work both sides

Praying that you don’t fall off

You’re looking so adorable

But sometimes you push me to my limit

Oh when I take this bra off

I pray you latch and don’t fall asleep, no…


You’re hungry let’s do it, latch it, my nipple

My bosom’s waiting, come and latch on it

Latch on it, let’s do this

Latch on it, let’s do this

Latch on it



(Milk) Drunk In Love

Image result for beyonce drunk in love gif

You’ve been drinking, you’ve been drinking

You get sleepy when that milk get to you from me

But I’ve been dreaming, I’ve been dreaming

When will it feel like you wont rip my nipples off

They need relief, na na

When will it feel like you wont rip my nipples off

They need relief, na  ba

Milk drunk in love…


Boobs on ice, boobs on ice

Feeling like a dairy cow with all this milk ready to spill

Such long nights, such long nights

You got me leaking, leaking, leaking

Oh baby, don’t know what to do, na na

Can’t keep my bra dry for long

Don’t know what to do, na na

Milk drunk in love


Woke up soaked at midnight saying

“How the hell did this sh!t happen?”

Oh baby…milk drunk in love

We up all night

Last thing I remember is your tiny body

Throwin up all that grub

Milk drunk in love


I’m not gonna lie, I’ve thought about some ideas that would make for some badass music videos – but maybe that’s a little too much?

…the things your mind can come up with when sleep deprived is shocking, isn’t it?…


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