Buildin’, Bakin’…..& Baby Makin’

Let’s just skip the whole part where I haven’t blogged in almost a year, shall we? Life happens; sue me.

You know what else happens? Babies. Babies happen.  SO in light of babies happening, [happening to James & I more specifically] I’d like to officially open this blog up to all things pregnancy and parenthood…in addition to the building things and baking things, of course. Which I’ve clearly written so much about so far. I’ll get those goods up on here at some point, I promise.


Now. First things first. By NO means am I claiming that I’m all of a sudden this self-proclaimed, almighty, powerful spirit of pregnancy where in all things baby from conception to delivery have been instilled in me via my placenta and that I know everything… No, no no. I am simply a first time mom who is trying to get through this thing one pint of whatever-I’m-craving at a time. Trying to look at things as the glass half full (or your boobs half full to those currently nursing, hoolllaaa) and sharing whatever cool things I find along the way.

Ahhhhh, pregnancy. Human growing…a point where sh*t gets realer than you can even imagine. The most awesome, exciting, and thrilling roller coaster you will ever ride; but also the most intimidating one that may or may not literally scare the crap out of you [you’ll find out during delivery]. It’s all good though, right? Because it’ll be worth it when you can hold that bundle of human that you just spent the past nine months growing.

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I’d like to use this opportunity to go back to where it all started…well, maybe not all the way back, that would be a little much. Some people love him and others dread him, the bearer of bad news in some cases or the messenger of the gift of life in others. Yes, I’m talking about our good friend, The Pee Stick. I had the luxury of finding out at that oh, so enjoyable annual appointment that all of us woman look so very forward to, the yearly maintenance check, if you will. It was more of a ‘checking just in case’ kind of thing, but the nervousness and anxiety of letting your waters release upon that stick…or in that cup in my case…doesn’t diminish not one bit. And the wait for the results…ugh, the wait. Need I say more about it? I saw the nurse wave me back to the small room at the end of the short hall. In that moment, I’m pretty positive that short hallway turned out to be 5 miles long. Speaking of positive though, turns out my waters (does that sound nicer than pee?) had yielded a positive result; a faint one, but nonetheless it was there.

My reaction? “Oh Sh*t.”

I feel like you can do one of two things when you see those two lines. You can allow it to cause you nothing but panic and anxiety…or you can embrace it. Whether planned or not, take a deep breath…or a few. Girl, you just found out you’re pregnant, you take as many deep breathes as you need. Go get yourself some coffee…may I suggest an iced caramel macchiato? I would say go get yourself a margarita, but unfortunately those are on the outs for the next nine months. And then you go ahead and order yourself some pizza, mexican, chinese…whatever your little pregnant heart desires. Afterall, you’re going to be spending the next handful of months growing a human…you gotta set yourself up with a good foundation of coffee, pizza, mexican and chinese. Right?


Here’s my very first tip: a tad cliche, but take one day at a time. If you worry about how many stretch marks you’re gonna get, how much weight you’re gonna gain or how in the hell you’re even going to afford all of this stuff…you’re going to miss out on whatever cool things are happening to your little fetus in your lady land that day. You wouldn’t want to miss feeling the first kick because you’re too worried if you’re going to poop on the doctor in a few months during delivery, would you? I’m terrified of stretch marks and excess weight gain…and I constantly have anxiety over finances (even if I don’t necessarily have anything to worry about). HELLO…you’re growing a person! Stretch marks and weight gain are going to happen, it’s inevitable. And you probably will poop during birth. So what? If you suffer from chronic constipation, you can go ahead and consider that a total win! Don’t let all of the fears consume you; pregnancy is not a disease. Friends are going to treat you differently, leave you out or cut communication all together. So what? Their loss. They’re the ones who are going to miss out on the cool things like balancing bowls of ice cream on your stomach or being able to fit bags of popcorn in your mom pants. It’s not like they’ll catch the pregnant if heaven forbid they ask you to hang out. Becoming a mom or dad is a scary thing…you actually have to keep this child alive once they get here and even make routine trips to the grocery store to have actual food in your house. It’s a big change, so take it one day at a time. You wouldn’t be given anything in life you couldn’t handle; everything will be okay.

I promise I wont wait another whole year until the next post…

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