How It All Started

Well…it turns out blogging isn’t as easy and whimsical as I had thought it was. Where does one find the time to actually sit down and write? One doesn’t. That’s where. Let’s change that.

Trying to make the decision to transition from actively marketing a cake business to ‘how-to’ blogging has been tough and troublesome. Mostly because I can’t say “no”…but also because it’s the ending of a beautifully messy chapter.

I don’t get asked a lot how I started doing cakes, but I feel that it’s important to share.

In 2012, James Aunt unexpectedly passed away. The pain that struck the family that had accepted me as one of their own was unbearable to watch. In those situations, I’ve always felt that no matter the hugs, comforting words or ears lent doesn’t take away the pain like you’d hoped it would.

James and I both were still in college, he a Senior and I a Junior. I decided that one way I could help was to somehow generate a ‘fund’ of sorts to contribute to her three kiddos. Whether a college fund or any other expenses that they may have through life. Soon after, my mixer started turning (comic relief, anyone?)…

I coordinated a campus-wide bake sale, teaming up with Parkhurst Dining Services who were generous enough to donate pies, cookies and anything else I would need; while James & I baked the cupcakes. To make a long blog post a little shorter, when all was said & done…we had raised just around $3,000. Just thinking about the moment when I handed it to my family and how taken aback they were…gah, still brings tears to my eyes.

And this was how Eat.Love.Cupcakes was started. In the following months, I would receive inquiries about cupcakes, asking if I was still baking. Cupcakes turned into small cakes, which turned into tiered cakes, which eventually turned into 4-tiered wedding cakes to serve 100 people (like the one below). We’ve had failures and triumphs and owe all of our self-taught skills to Google and Youtube.


One of the biggest reasons that has held us back from turning this into a store-front business (besides student loans, EW!) is the fact that I am not in this to make a profit. To charge $6 per slice. To rob your bank account. I am so grateful for every opportunity I receive to create a cake because it is something that I have developed such a passion and love for. Yinz guys are the ones doing me the favor! I never want it to get to the point where I hate it. Where it’s more of ‘I have to’ rather than ‘I want to’.

This is part of the reason why I wanted to start this blog. Maybe I’ll be able to spark a passion in someone. Teach you something small that later down the road you develop into a larger love. Whether that’s baking…crafting…or giving you the guts to take a sledgehammer to that wall you hate in your new house. Call it weird or strange. Call it stupid..but I’m all about people doing things that make their hearts happy.

Okay. No more sappy posts for awhile. I WILL make the time to document, craft, bake and blog going forward. But I’m just warning you…there will be cheesy puns & corny jokes but I hope you all get some sort of enjoyment out of it.

Happy Friday!

Photo: Jill Marie Photography

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